jk molina


You're busy, let's cut to the chase:

I'm JK. Latino ghostwriter, twitter-personal-brand-growth-strategist and below average volleyball player.

One thing about me though: I tweet a lot.

For me.

For other people.

And I get paid a lot of money for it.

I can't tell you who I write for (remember the ghostwriting bit?)...

But I can convince you that I know what I'm doing (and that I can get you some pretty fat followers and sales from Twitter)...

...By giving you stuff for free.

Welcome to my masterclass.

You're Being Judged

"You'll be judge by your cover so be a good one."


A profile is your introduction to the Internet. It's the first thing people see about you. It's what will make people follow and (potentially) hire you.

I won't tell you how to find a profile pic. That's easy.

Crafting a good bio though? Not so much. So here's a tip for you:

Write something that says exactly who you are and what you do.

"Forbes's 30 Under 30 Startup Founders" is half baked.

Impressive, but half baked.

"Forbes's 30 Under 30 Startup Founders. Tweets on technology, coding and writing" is way better.

When in doubt, go for the "what can I do for you" approach.

Remember, you're being judged by your cover.

So be a good one.

Build An Audience That Wants You

The obvious question:

How do you grow?

If you're willing to invest $1,000/mo to grow on Twitter, skip this and go to the green title below.

If you're not, no worries. I wasn't either. And I'll show you how to grow without spending anything.

But first, let me tell you how to NOT grow:

Please, for your own sanity, stop "adding value" under other people's tweets.

Happens again and again.

Mr. Big Account tweets

Working smarter is far more important than working hard.

Work ethic is good. Leverage is better.

So there goes Mr. Small Account #1 trying to look alpha:

"If working hard made you rich every McDonald's employee would be a millionaire."

Followed by Mr. Small Account #2 sucking up:

"100%. This."

Followed by Mr. Small Account #3 rephrasing what he said:

"The difference between millionaires and billionaires?

One works hard. The other works smart."

Have you noticed that reading these comments makes you want to get away from these people?

Imagine you're just sitting at a table and say that the weather's hot.

Then some random dude that wants your attention says: "Yes, hot is the weather."

They had the opportunity to say literally anything:

-A story
-What that reminds him off
-A case study on why that's true
-A question in the comments
-A funny meme to get people's attention

And they still chose to say nothing.

Want to grow?

1. Follow people whose audiences you'd like to have.

2. Comment witty, interesting, time-worthy stuff under their tweets.

3. Repeat.

Keep Engagement High

How to keep engagement high

This is the holy grail of Twitter. Everyone's after it.

We want the 1000+ like tweets, but how do we actually get it?

And I don't have an answer for you, except get better.

Your engagement sucks because you either

A) Rely on formats instead of ideas

B) Don't know how to communicate your message

C) Haven't persuaded people to interact with you

All huge mistakes, but let me drive this point home a bit more and ask you to think about your friends.

Why do you ignore some but pay attention to others?

You might say that it's because you're closer to some (which might be true),

But the real answer is simply that some people are more interesting than others.

Be someone outside of Twitter to be someone inside of Twitter.

Live a great life.

Then come back and tell us about it.

Tweet For Followers

This past week I met a former drug dealer, a playboy and a guy who worked with multi millionaire rappers.

The crazy part?

I was the only one that knew they were a former drug dealer, a playboy and a guy who worked with multi millionaire rappers.

If you want to tweet for followers, it's easy:

Tweet about your story.

Here are some great story threads:

Stories make you look legit.

Looking legit gets you loyal followers.

Thread about your story + pay bigger accounts to retweet = FAT follower counts.

It's literally this easy.

Monetize Your Account

You're trying to sell something?


You're now officially part of the Internet's supply (where the BIG $$$ are made).

Selling is simple. Not easy, but simple. And to sell you need to remember one key concept:

Proof of work.

Proof of work lets your audience know that you

-Can deliver a specific result that solves a specific pain
-Have done it for other people

Every week (I like twice a week), post your proof of work.

Let me show you mine.

Some tweets I've ghostwritten:

Some threads:

Some results:

Some tweets I've ghostwritten:

Some threads:

Some results:

Most of my clients come inbound because they already know that I can deliver.

I don't need to sell them because my proof of work does it for me.

People don't buy products, they buy solutions.

Products just happen to be the way solutions are delivered.


If you want to see this happen for your brand (and are comfortable spending a minimum of $2k/month), let's have a chat.

"The Newsletter That Should Be Paid"

Sign up and discover the techniques I use to get people to pay me thousands of dollars to tweet for them.

(And how you can have viral tweets whenever you want to)

You'll receive your first email in 2 minutes.

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In the meantime, why don't you join La Famlia?

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"JK 's guide was the only guide I ever used.

Not only was his guide incredibly helpful, but JK quickly became a friend and he was indispensable in helping me get exposure in my first days and weeks.

Thank you JK."


Follower Count:
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Breaking The Chains was the missing piece I needed to unleash my productivity.

After applying the lessons inside,

I believe this is required reading for anyone who aspires to be a high achiever in the digital era.

This is for everyone who lacks discipline and needs help with clarity and purpose.

The principles inside Live Intentionally will program your mind in 90 days so you can live happy for 60 years.

Affiliate Disclosure

I will receive a financial compensation if you choose to buy one of the products listed above.

I would never recommend you something I didn't believe in and use every day.

That's how you know:

You're getting the good stuff.


I tweet my worst when I'm on Twitter.

The only tool I use now is Hypefury.


It's more than a scheduling tool.

It's a way to access flow mode and tweet without getting distracted.

This is my highest ROI investment of the month by far.

Affiliate Disclosure

I will receive a financial compensation if you choose to buy one of the products listed above.

I would never recommend you something I didn't believe in and use every day.

That's how you know:

You're getting the good stuff.

Work 1:1 with JK to fast-track your Twitter-Business Success.

Before you claim your free 1-on-1 call with me, please watch the video below...

In this call we'll talk about:

Tweeting Mental Models

I'll look under the hood of your account and find 2-3 ways in which you can 5x your reach and increase your sales today.

Funnel Optimization

We'll analyze your complete funnel. From your bio up to your offer and everything in between.

I'll share tips on optimizing it to balance sales with long term follower trust.


There are many ways to monetize / use Twitter.

We'll go over your unique skillset and find a business model that minimizes effort and maximizes returns.

People I've helped:

Cameron Holmes

2019/2020 CoStar PowerBroker of the Year. Sold $45 million at age 25.

I helped Cameron get clear on his business model and start his coaching Twitter-based business. We 10xed his following in one weekend.

Joseph Doughty

Psychology-based transformation coach for high performers.

I helped Joey 5x his current tweet reach, boosted his credibility and helped him close his first high ticket deals.

Devin McDermott

Online entrepreneur and business owner.

I helped Devin craft his bio, worked with him to improve his tweet performance and 2xed his daily follower count.

Are you ready?

Let's have a 20 minute, no-strings-attached call and see if we're a good fit for ghosttweeting!

(All this free game will be shared with you regardless if you choose to work with me or not)

"$10k from a thread."




"It's fun as hell."


Bow & Arrow

Close a client in 30 days. If you don't have a service you'll be good enough to ghostwrite.

And if you apply the method and don't get a client in 30 days, your money back.

Writing a $3,000 dollar tweet

What I'm about to give you gave us 1,949 follower days,

Over 25,321 likes,

and threads that have closed over $59,000 in deals.

What people make in a month,

This method makes in a day.

The amount of impressions people get on a month,

This method gets in a week.

Not only on my account,

But on 10+ clients that rely on Twitter to run a profitable business

$25,099 in a day. All Twitter + Email.

Only one downside:

It's my head.

If this method doesn’t bring in BIG $$$, it’s my head.

Why would someone pay me thousands of dollars to tweet if I couldn't bring more money in return?

So I had to find something.

Something that could make money,

Go viral,

And do it fast.

Not only for my clients,

But for anyone who has put in the work to grow their account for months.

Because let’s face it:

Twitter takes work.

And if you put in the work every day,

You deserve to get paid every day.

Quick fact:

If you make $1,000 a month on Twitter,

And spend 3 hours a day on the platform,

You’re getting paid $11 an hour.

Let that sink in.

I’m not gonna let you make $11 an hour.

Your time is valuable.

You have plenty of skills.

And you know these other 3 quick facts:

You've written more words than most people will write in their lives.

You have access to a multi-millionaire network on Twitter.

And you know about online biz than 99% of the world.

With what you know,

You simply DO NOT deserve to make $11/hour

(sometimes less).

I've been there.

(My first month on Twitter I made $5 total.)

And you know what?

It sucks.

It sucks when people with less followers make more money.

It sucks to wonder if you are boring your audience to the point of no return.

Or realizing you made less money this month than you did the last.

The worst part?

The only solution you're given,

is a cookie cutter growth guide with stuff you already KNOW.

F*ck that.

You don't need that.

You need something that will actually make you money.

If you want to stop being “just another Money Twitter account”,

And turn into a respected, RICH one,

The secrets behind going viral and writing thousand dollar tweets will take you there.

The Bow & Arrow Method

A mental add-on to your brain that will turn anything you say into viral tweets and BIG $$$

Whether you use it for



Or engagement:

Bow & Arrow will give you all three.

This isn’t about showing you templates and formats.

(although there is a fairly practical section on 254+ wordplay tweets you can implement)

What you're about to see,

Is the secret behind thousand dollar tweets and going viral whenever you want to.

How Does It Work?

Think about it like this:

Bow & Arrow is a philosophy of action:

It will show you to write in a way that will make people do what you want them to do:




You name it.

Many people have made money with this method already,

And it's easy to see why:

It's not based on talent.

It's not based on inspiration.

It's based on a system that is supposed to be repeated because it just pays very well.

I get 100+ likes on my tweets every day.

Not only for me,

But for my clients and the people who ask me for help.

And just so you know:

This is not random.

It's the magic that comes from ghostwriting.


And copywriting COMBINED.

All revealed in a single chamber of secrets:

What's Inside?

The Rules Behind Thousand Dollar Tweets


Pillar #1:


Create Infinite ( & Profitable) Content With A Thought MuseumDouble Your Thinking PowerNote Taking Systems + Thought Grabbing7 EASY Places to Find Content Forever

Pillar #2:


18 Ways To Go ViralTurning ideas into cashPlug-In Wordplay Formats You Can Use For Your TweetsWatch me write: Improving tweets from my first month on Twitter

Pillar #3:


How To Learn A Skill (If you don't have one)NEVER make these selling mistakesPositioning yourself as an expertBragging for followsHow to gain undeniable credibility in the TwittersphereWhy hype doesn't work

Pillar #4:


A no-stress approach to launchingBuilding in Public (pre-selling your audience)How to sell people on your product before they even get a chance to buyDissolve objections with contentHow to own the timeline on launch dayKeep your product relevant (and keep it selling every day)Partnering up for BIG results

Here's the deal:

You’re gonna log on Twitter anyway.

You have to sell something someday.

Why stay stuck where you are,

When you can make THOUSANDS of dollars more for just $298?

Imagine this:

Elite content ideation, viral content creation, monetization from someone who manages 5 accounts and crafts THOUSAND dollar tweets.

My personal 100+ tweet swipe file with GUARANTEED engaging tweet ideas for you (if you read it).

Affiliate Marketing $$$ from the guy who got 20k followers and made $20k in just 8 months.

If you've been on Twitter for months already, listen to this:

You deserve to get paid for your work.

This is how:

Results from happy customers:

Bow & Arrow also works for people with black and white profile pictures:

Dan | Follower Count: 60k

SYS | Follower Count: 100k

Devin | Follower Count: 16k

(He even printed it lol)


Is this a growth guide?

If it were a growth guide I wouldn't sell it.

This is my ghostwriting secrets to thousand dollar tweets and going viral consistently.

A money-printing guide, if you will.

Is there a refund policy?


You won't need it, but yes.

If you go through this course you'll go viral in just a couple days.

The only way this course won't work is if you don't apply it.

This is not a magic pill, it does require execution on your part.

If you're not willing to work, then this course is not for you.

Don't buy it.

That being said,

This does have a guaranteed refund policy.

Just DM me and I'll send you the money no problem.

You literally have nothing to lose except for what, like 20 minutes?

I want to see money in the bank account and followers in my notifications, how long will that take me with Bow & Arrow?

It shouldn't take you more than 2 days to get your first sale and see a SIGNIFICANT increase in your engagement.

It's that good.

Here's a screenshot from someone who I leaked it to before I released:

Ready to go viral?

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I know.

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Someone posts a PDF. "It's free!"People download it and read a couple pagesThen completely forget about it and never open it again.

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Let me explain...

You joined Twitter because

You're not like most people (because you actually take your 20s seriously).You want to use your energy to do something great.You want to improve.
And while Twitter is great at telling you what to do,

Have you noticed that they're really bad at telling you HOW?

You ask how to improve yourself and your work.

Then they tell you to focus your energy.

Ok how?

Say you're struggling with money.

Then they say you need to get clients.

Ok how?

Or you want to attract women.

Then they tell you to quit porn and get fit.

Ok how?

Is it necessary to complicate such important topics?

(Spoiler: It's not. And I'll show you why in a minute.)

I used to be 40 pounds overweight. No drive. No money. And yeah, no girl.

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So if you know what you have to do (but you haven't), don't worry.

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Introducing, The Superman Challenges

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Crushing limiting beliefs

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Which Challenges?

The challenges taken by thousands of men all over the world, revealed:


Make visible changes within your first 30 days that will compel you to continue.

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Learn a high ROI skill. Reach out to clients. Make BIG $$$.
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No Fap will make you better with women, stronger and give you the mental and physical power to make something great out of your life.


Unlock your focus and transform abstract dreams into tangible reality.
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Be present. Get smarter. Allow abundance to enter your life.
Arguably one of the most important challenges.
If you're naturally restless (like me), this will make you happier in every way.


Discover the stupid simple ways you can get women, make friends and network with important people.


"Reading every day is what puts me in the top 0.0001%"
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Discover how to genuinely enjoy reading (without it being a chore).


Past wounds, limiting beliefs, false assumptions, tough childhood...

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Accountability Sheet to keep momentum going, see immediate results and compel you to continue.

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This stuff WORKS. I was 50 pounds overweight, made baby money and couldn't talk to women.

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Dox time:

(212 vs. 167 pounds)


I price it at $1 because it's going to motivate you to take action. Once you see what's inside, you'll call me an idiot for not charging $100.

That's ok tho.

I want to see you win. If seeing you win means leaving money on the table then I'll do it.

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